Chrono Trigger, A Game Of The Past

A Game That Entertains Still Today

Anybody who grew up on Super Nintendo knows that JRPG’s took over the gaming world, from Secret of Mana to Breath of Fire. But my personal favorite has to be Chrono Trigger. I believe this game still holds up to the competition today, and if game developers were smart, they would take from that concept, and apply to today’s game functions.


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Chrono Trigger was released by SquareSoft in 1995 and wow did it take me by surprise. It was the first time I was emotionally attached to the characters in a game. Now days, you get attached to them all, if the game is any good! As soon as you get into the nuts and bolts of Chrono Trigger, you really start loving it more. The combat style is one that isn’t mimiced often. (honestly, I can’t think of a game to reference that is similar in combat). It’s not your standard turn based combat, but its not live action either. If you have played it, you know what I am talking about, if you haven’t…go get your ass a copy right now! (It is on the PSN store for PS3).

Aside from combat, the story telling in this game is amazing. You start off as a boy named Crono, and your world literally gets turned upside down when your new friend Maria gets teleported by your other friend Lucca. Once you go after her, you realize you are in the past..VERY much in the past, to the Middle Ages. That begins the theme for the entire game, as you bounce back and forth between time eras and completely get sunk in the story! The characters are amazing, the music is engaging, and the graphics are top notch for that time period.

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Do you think Chrono Trigger still holds water today? I believe this game is still as entertaining as it was 20 years ago, and I plan to play it again very soon. Tell us what you think about Chrono Trigger if you have played it, and if you haven’t..please tell us why?! or if you plan on it!


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