JoyStik Forums Community Ranking of the Infamous Series

The community has spoken without knowledge of why. I will be diving into the JoyStik community’s brains, finding out their opinions on games and randomly placing them into blog post! Recently the discussion was ranking the Infamous series and the outcome was wonderful. Thank you all.


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1) Infamous 2

“The second one. More powers, transversing the city was a bit faster, extra skins, and just all around more fun.” – Braden Harbin

“Infamous 2 was a bit more liberating and free-flowing a game than the first, and while the second son game is fun, infamous 2 had the best story of the bunch.” -Garret Rankin


2) Infamous 1

“The first I like the New York City layout and story more.” -Jonathan Adam Rachal

“The first game was pretty amazing. All three of the Infamous titles are pretty boss. One of the few “super hero” type games that isn’t Marvel or DC and is bad ass!” -Robert Steele

3) Infamous Second Son

“The second one had the better story, but I loved the gameplay of Second Son.” -Mike Zehring

“I can’t let Fetch go forgotten, so I’m gonna throw First Light in there. [DLC for Second Son] And honestly, a truly remarkable dlc/expansion/in addition to sort of game.” -Shaun Doyle 



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