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All About JoyStik

Think back to this past week. I guarantee you picked up your Iphone, tablet, or Playstation/WiiU/Xbox controller and played some sort of game. Well my friend, surprise surprise, you are not alone.

The video game industry has exploded over the past decade and popular demand has spoken and it is unreal. People that were “so so” about getting involved in games then, are now playing daily.

JoyStik Entertainment is a community for the coolest nerds and gamers,  here to bring you the latest on everything video games, provide real life stories through blogging, as well as discuss video game topics through blogs and podcast! By following our Facebook and Facebook Forums (www.facebook.com/JoyStikEntertainment) you will have the opportunity to engage in daily discussions as well as be notified on upcoming events.

Be part of something new, and support us as we grow into one of the top gaming medias around. Come aboard and join us on this adventure! “Meet, Greet, and GAME!”



Meet the Crew

What is your favorite gaming console?

Noah: My favorite console would have to be the SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System) because anybody can go back and enjoy every single game from that era. Although I do believe the Nintendo 64 made the biggest leap in terms of innovation. But without any question the Playstation 4 is the strongest console of all time.

Jose: I would have to say where it all started for me, the Sega Genesis. Games such as Aladdin, The lion king and other Disney related games reach into my childhood which were some great memories.

If you had only one game you were allowed to play for the rest of your life, which one would it be?

Noah: I guess it would be Super Mario World for Super Nintendo. No matter how many times I beat that game, I can continue to get better at it. Not to mention there are world records of completely beating that game in 1 hour 34 minutes…so yes I have a lot to learn still.

Jose: Unlike my friend, I am a hardcore sports gamer. My favorite sport is soccer (of course right?) and I would enjoy more countless hours of goal celebrations. GOOOOAAAAAALLLL!!!!!

On a scale of 1 to 10, how avid of a gamer are you?

Noah: For everybody that knows me, 10 isn’t a high enough number. And that passion will shrine through in every event we arrange.

Jose: I have played video games for a long time and a number doesn’t simply justify the fun I have or how much time I have played video games. I will give Noah credit here, he tops me on this question.

 How will JoyStik Entertainment benefit its participants?

 Noah: JoyStik Entertainment is all about having fun. The video game industry is one that is booming behind closed doors and we plan to turn it into a social environment. We will continue to grow and provide great times for its fans and followers.

Jose: JoyStik is a possibility because of the loyal and passionate video gamers out there. JoyStik Entertainment is dedicated to making an impact in the community. Our participants will benefit from determined gamers that provide friendship and  the best service. 

 What is your favorite “hang out” food?

Noah: Chips and dip. Why? Because I don’t like making decisions and there is a WIDE range of dips. Case closed.

Jose: Definitely chili. It is a hassle to make but man if you have chili, everyone’s happy.

 What is one interesting fact about yourself, outside of video games, that viewers should know?

Noah: I am an ex-boxer. No, that’s not the interesting fact. I do not have a sense of smell due to this though, so if you see me on the streets, don’t ask me to smell something, its quite depressing!

JoseI am the one who caused Noah to lose his sense of smell. (kidding). My birthmark is in one of the rarest places on the body, my armpit. I’m quite lucky.