JoyStik Entertainers


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Noah Pulley

Noah is the Co-Founder and Chief Editor. When you want an enthusiastic opinion from a gamer that has played a million games, he’s your guy. When Noah is not eating food by his lovely fiance, he sits in his man cave and games until his next meal. Noah is a die hard gamer that plays anything that turns on. 

Byron Reed is the host of the R&R Gaming Podcast. To prepare for his busy day he lets out a Clap, Clap and a Rick Flair woooooo when he wakes up on a daily basis. Byron embraces nothing short of his fantastic abilities to bring you the best podcast show you may ever hear.

Ken Russey is the co-host of the R&R Gaming Podcast. Ken has 2420 reasons why he can tell you his opinion about gaming because he owns that many games for his consoles. Let him admin your madden football league and it will be just as entertaining as the podcast he co-hosts. 

Jose is the Co-Founder and Senior Writer. Jose is your behind the scenes kind of guy who likes to make everything work and look great. 

Matthew Miller is a staff writer. Where everything is bigger in Texas, his home state, so is his love for gaming. Catch Matthew feeding hungry gamers with entertainment in the forum page.